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Design & production of
Tower Cranes
Design & production of
Tower Cranes
Design & production of
Tower Cranes
Design & production of
Tower Cranes

We are the only crane manufacturer in Poland

KRUPINSKI CRANES Sp. z o.o. has been operating since 2018 and is the first manufacturer of tower cranes in Poland after 1991. Our goal is to design and manufacture the most modern Polish tower cranes. The company was founded by Jacek Krupiński, Daniel Gwóźdź and Maciej Mongird. We introduce our innovative tower cranes to the European market, optimizing current solutions and improving the working conditions of operators through modern cabins and easier operation.

Knowledge and experience

With our knowledge of the construction industry we can create a crane fit for any challenge. With our extensive experience we can customize our tower cranes for the most demanding of clients.

Modern and tested technologies

Our top priorities are modern and tested solutions, ensuring our cranes follow the latest industry standards and facilitate working at contemporary construction sites.

Research and development

We implement new, innovative solutions on the market that have been tested in lab conditions and on real prototypes. This ensures we have full faith in our products. We take a fresh look at implementing ideas and technologies that have been untouched by our competitors.

To manufacture the safest and most modern tower cranes in the world.

We founded our company based on proven knowledge and many years of experience. We offer our clients comprehensive technical support and proven solutions.

Our tower cranes are based on the latest standards, but also on proven solutions. Due to industrial research, we are entering a new level in the development of ecological and efficient drives. Our technological solution change tower cranes for the 21st century.

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80-259 Gdańsk POLAND
Correspondence Address
ul. Trzy Lipy 3
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Mobile: +48 607 44 22 00