Who we are?

Who we are?

About us

Krupiński Cranes Sp. z o.o. is the state-of-the-art producer of tower cranes, currently the only in Poland. Its main founder, Jacek Krupiński, supplied it with the core idea and unique solutions, and invited several others to help the project succeed.

We can supply our client with a high-quality crane at a reasonable price using tested, reliable and modern solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. With our knowledge of Polish and European construction sites we know our cranes will meet our clients’ requirements and the challenges awaiting them at contemporary construction sites.

Our knowledge of the Polish and European market grants its unlimited potential for growth.Our many years experience in the industry means we have knowledge and awareness about the responsibility of cranes at the construction site and the exceptional trust of our

Besides our engineering department, responsible for the design and structural analysis of our cranes, we also have a service department that can help the client pinpoint any problems – on-line and using the latest technologies.

Krupiński Cranes is undertaking European Union projects that will make way to introduce a modern crane to the market and the use of innovative technologies that are yet to be implemented by our competitors. EU funding allows us to test several new features in laboratory conditions and on a prototype, ensuring the product’s full reliability before it reaches our customers.

In the nearby future, our company will set out to produce tower cranes in the most modern factory in Europe, with the use of robotic manipulators and automated assembly lines.

Daniel Gwóźdź – President of the Board, with over 20 years of experience in the tower crane industry. During this time, he has worked for our current clients, responsible for lease, purchase, fleet management and service  at a large rental company. Everything I do is centred around meeting our clients’ requirements and producing products of the highest quality that will work without failure for many years.

Jacek Krupiński – main founder and constructor, with over 30 years of experience in the construction crane industry. He has worked for the largest crane manufactures in the world and has designed and constructed dozens of cranes.

Maciej Mongird – vice president of the boar, financial director, MBA graduate with 16 years of experience in managing enterprises from various industries, both commercial and employees.

Daniel Gwóźdź

Jacek Krupiński

Maciej Mongird 

Our Values

Knowledge and experience

With our knowledge of the construction industry we can create a crane fit for any challenge. With our extensive experience we can customize our tower cranes for the most demanding of clients.

Modern and tested technologies

Our top priorities are modern and tested solutions, ensuring our cranes follow the latest industry standards and facilitate working at contemporary construction sites.

Research and development

We implement new, innovative solutions on the market that have been tested in lab conditions and on real prototypes. This ensures we have full faith in our products. We take a fresh look at implementing ideas and technologies that have been untouched by our competitors.

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